To-dos and help wanted

Python 3

  • Activate parts as packages get ported.
  • Support new schema fields, NativeString and NativeStringLine.


  • There is only hidden widget templates registered for ITextWidget and ISelectWidget. We have to define more hidden widgets.


  • The MultiWidget should render a minimum number of elements by default if the field defines min_length. Also, if user tries to remove elements so the number of widgets becomes less than minimum - the widget should add widgets to make their number minimum again. (Did you understand this?:))
  • The MultiWidget should provide a way to reorder elements if used for the ISequence field.
  • The values defined in “browser” widgets, like klass or onclick should be overridable by value adapters.
  • File upload widget and converter should have a “clear current” option available to clear current value if there’s any and the field is not required.


  • Proofread documentation
  • Extend API documentation


Write some samples to show the power of the new widget and form framework.

  • Object name as an additional field in an add form


Add explicit difference between error and confirmation message e.g. “There were some errors.” and “No changes were applied.”

Think about making the framework use NOT_CHANGED on every widget that does not change it’s value.